June 8-10, 2015

San Francisco, California

A new design conference for the Mac+iOS community



A 3-day conference during WWDC to talk about design, celebrate our industry,
and eat snacks.

Like a party,
but for learning.

Enough Already, Sign Me Up



Seriously, look at these people

A portrait of Susan Kare.

Susan Kare

Susan Kare Design

Susan Kare is a computer iconographer who created most of the typefaces and icons for the original Apple Macintosh in the 1980s. She was also one of the original employees of NeXT (the company formed by Steve Jobs after leaving Apple), working as the Creative Director. She is an expert in the design of symbols, having created thousands of icons for hundreds of companies including Sony, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and Xerox. Millions of people have encountered her work by clicking on computer icons, playing Solitaire with Microsoft’s digital card deck or exchanging Facebook’s virtual gifts.

Kare currently heads a digital design practice in San Francisco, creates fine art icon prints and murals, and surfs whenever possible.

A portrait of Serenity Caldwell.

Serenity Caldwell


Serenity has been writing and talking about and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click, and currently does so as iMore's managing editor for iOS. She's also a frequent podcaster on The Incomparable. In her spare time, she sketches, acts, sings — and in her secret superhero life — plays roller derby.

A portrait of Chris Clark.

Chris Clark(o)

████ ████

Clarko is a mobile & hardware UI designer in San Francisco, plying his trade at Fitbit and Square before joining ████ to work on the ████. In decades gone by he's been a miner, a cleaner, a bartender, and a supermarket stock boy. Design is the funnest job by far.

A portrait of Arik Devens.

Arik Devens


Arik is an iOS developer at Fitbit, where he’s helping the world become a little bit healthier by caring way too much about Core Data. When he’s not working he spends time collecting The Criterion Collection on physical media, blogging about the films at Cinema Gadfly, and working on the upcoming companion Podcast. In another life he ran a small graphic design firm, so he has strong opinions about design related things, and stubbornly thinks he knows what he’s talking about.

A portrait of Todd Diemer.

Todd Diemer


Todd’s a product designer and user researcher at Fitbit. Throughout his career he's practiced a research focused, user-centered design process to create experiences for students in Africa, educators in the United States, and physicians and patients all over the world. Todd has a passion for design in emerging markets and believe that good design can help reduce inequalities in the world.

A portrait of Marc Edwards.

Marc Edwards


Marc Edwards is the founder and designer at Bjango, makers of iStat Menus, Skala, and other apps. Marc also frequently writes design articles on Bjango’s website and has written for Smashing Magazine, including a chapter in Smashing Book 3. He co-hosts Iterate, a mobile design podcast and occasionally talks at conferences. He is very picky when it comes to pixels.

A portrait of John Gruber.

John Gruber

Daring Fireball

John Gruber writes and publishes Daring Fireball, a weblog ostensibly focused on Apple and design nerdery. He also hosts a companion podcast, The Talk Show. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son.

A portrait of Maja Henderson.

Maja Henderson


Maja Henderson is the Global Facilities Manager for Square, where she has lead real estate, office design, and construction for Square's rapidly expanding global portfolio for the past five years. Maja has opened offices across the US, Canada and Japan. In 2013 Maja completed the third largest real estate deal in San Francisco and was awarded as one of Northern California Real Estate Women of Influence’s Rising Stars. This fall Maja will complete the build out of Square’s 320,000sqft San Francisco headquarters.

A portrait of Soroush Khanlou.

Soroush Khanlou

Soroush Khanlou is a New York-based iOS developer who has built apps for Genius and Paperless Post. He blogs about programming at

A portrait of May-li Khoe.

May-li Khoe

Khan Academy

May-Li invents new ways for humans to interact with computers by learning about people, sculpting pixels, and playing with code. She joined Khan Academy last fall to lead mobile and experimental design, and is exploring ideas to empower learners through curiosity, creativity, and play. Previously, while at Apple, she designed and prototyped UI concepts that pushed hardware innovations such as Force Touch, the Taptic Engine, face tracking, multi-touch, location tracking and more. May-Li enjoys dancing, DJing, dancing while DJing, blurring the line between art and computer science, and daydreaming about joyful ways to subvert the status quo.

A portrait of Gabe Levine.

Gabe Levine

Levine & Baker LLP

Gabe, aka @MyLawyerGabe, is a Partner at the San Francisco law firm of Levine & Baker LLP, who represents web and software designers and developers. He is well known for his role in Mike Monteiro’s F*ck You, Pay Me Creative Mornings talk.

A portrait of Adam Lisagor.

Adam Lisagor

Sandwich Video

Adam made the videos that introduced the world to Square, Flipboard, Airbnb, the JAMBOX, Coin, and Navdy. Above all else, he’s a product man who gets excited about good products, and wants to tell you all about them. He runs Sandwich Video from Los Angeles, and aims to do more of the same, but bigger.

A portrait of David Loehr.

David J. Loehr

David is a writer & theatre artist who fell in with a bunch of podcasting types. His plays have appeared on stages & at fringe festivals around the country, but you’ll probably know him best as a panelist on The Incomparable and the writer behind The Incomparable Radio Theater. He also hosts the occasional Incomparable Game Show series, Turns Out, and the upcoming Red Bicycle Revue. Working in live theatre, he’s designed everything from props to marketing to sets to lights & sound. He lives with his wife & family in southern Indiana, but you can usually find him online @dloehr. He really needs to get back to that script now...

A portrait of Jonathan Mann.

Jonathan Mann

Jonathan Mann has been writing a song a day for 2,300 days and counting. One time, he made Steve Jobs dance. This other time Steve Wozniak's wife hired him to write Woz a 60th birthday song.

A portrait of Merlin Mann.

Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann is an independent writer and broadcaster best known as the creator of and Inbox Zero. These days, he busies himself as the co-host of Back to Work and Roderick on the Line. Merlin lives in the outside lands of San Francisco, where the climate is foggy, the pork xiu mai is plentiful, and his outstanding wife and daughter are within arm’s reach.

A portrait of Netta.

Netta Marshall


Netta Marshall is a designer and photographer based in San Francisco, California. She enjoys nighttime bike rides, and pillow fights, strumming guitars, and baking cookies.

A portrait of Mike Monteiro.

Mike Monteiro

Mule Design

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder of Mule, a design agency renowned for exploring those dark territories where content strategy, online identity, and cutting-edge web technology with classic, timeless design blend together. Mike has written Design Is a Job to help designers, and You’re My Favorite Client to help clients.

A portrait of Christa Mrgan.

Christa Mrgan

Rogue Amoeba

Christa Mrgan has a background in video compositing and graphic design, and has been designing user interfaces since 2008. She’s passionate about creating software that’s functional and friendly, and brings that passion to Rogue Amoeba, where she designs audio software, and to App Camp for Girls, where she teaches teen girls about icon and interface design. She lives with her husband and two children in Portland, Oregon.

A portrait of Neven Mrgan.

Neven Mrgan


Neven Mrgan is a designer at Panic Inc, makers of nice apps for Mac and iOS. After hours, he is also one half of Big Bucket Software, a game company you may know from their hit The Incident. He designs apps, websites, games, T-shirts, signage—anything that needs designing. Neven lives in Portland, where he spends the last little bits of his free time on cooking and reading.

A portrait of Jaimee Newberry.

Jaimee Newberry


Jaimee brings 17 years of experience design expertise, including the past 5 years focused on mobile apps, to her advising + coaching practice. She brings insight, perspective, and a personal ecology proven to improve and inspire the culture, collaboration, and processes of high-performance software design and development teams around the whole wide world.

A portrait of Ashley Nelson-Hornstein.

Ashley Nelson-Hornstein


Ashley Nelson-Hornstein is an iOS developer at Dropbox. She fell in love with the iOS platform at Apple, and later developed a passion for crafting intuitive user interfaces as a lead at a news startup named Circa. When not driving new features or advocating for accessibility at Dropbox, Ashley enjoys reading, weightlifting, and trying really hard not to let her blog go stale.

A portrait of Oisin Prendiville.

Oisin Prendiville


Oisín is an iOS/Mac developer from Dublin, Ireland. He is one half of Supertop, the duo behind apps like Castro, Unread, and Tokens. He tends to spend weeks at a time getting hung up on animations and custom UI controls.

A portrait of Laura Savino.

Laura Savino

Khan Academy

Laura is an iOS developer with a penchant for languages, travel, and education. She taught English in rural Korea and French in the environs of Microsoft before cutting her teeth as a mobile developer at an agency in Seattle. She’s now working to transform learning by building iOS apps at Khan Academy.

A portrait of Wil Shipley.

Wil Shipley

Delicious Monster

Wil Shipley has been programming Cocoa for 26 years, co-founded Delicious Monster Software and The Omni Group, and has won 8 Apple Design Awards.

A portrait of Scott Simpson.

Scott Simpson


Scott Simpson once came back to the U.S. from Japan by boat, lying to his girlfriend that it was for the adventure when really it was because he was afraid of flying. He’s now a full-time comedian and writer who has performed at SF Sketchfest, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the North American Comedy and Music Festival. He makes jokes on Twitter as @scottsimpson, and his show “You Look Nice Today” has received the Podcast Award for Best Comedy Podcast. He also has a website, fully loaded with what you would expect to find on a modern website.

A portrait of Shahrouz Tavakoli.

Shahrouz Tavakoli


Shahrouz is a product designer at Pinterest. Shortly after college, Shahrouz started his career in advertising as a print and web designer. He has worked as a production designer at Apple and Square, where he worked with Brad Ellis and Louie Mantia. After Square he worked at Pacific Helm for a year and half before leaving to join Pinterest where he works on the monetization team.


The Deets

June 8-10, 2015

Layers is a 3-day design conference taking place in San Francisco June 8-10 at the same time as WWDC. It’s an opportunity to come together in downtown San Francisco during the biggest Apple developer event, experience meaningful and entertaining content dedicated to design, and meet industry peers. Passes to the conference are $850 (transferable but non-refundable) which will allow you access to all conference events. Transportation, lodging, and meals must be provided separately.

Just 2 blocks from WWDC, we're just steps away from cool hotels, awesome restaurants, and top-notch nightlife.


Bespoke @ Westfield San Francisco Centre
845 Market Street, San Francisco
Level 4 / Under the Dome

A map showing the location of Bespoke on Market Street between fourth and fifth streets.





Brought to you by
Jessie and Elaine

A portrait of Jessie Char.

Jessie Char

Jessie is a former cellist who left the glamorous classical music industry for the even more glamorous Mac development and design industry. She’s put in her time behind [genius] bars, had an infamous stint at Delicious Monster, a more regular stint at Mule Design, and co-founded and headed the design agency Pacific Helm. She now works as an independent consultant directing design and producing very ambitious conferences.

A portrait of Elaine Pow.

Elaine Pow

Elaine is a design enthusiast whose retail and marketing career has been all about making you want to buy things. She’s worked for a handful of retailers you’ve probably visited at the mall and at One Infinite Loop she defined global visual merchandising standards (made things look great) for Apple retail and the in-store iPhone launch. These days Elaine walks the line between optimist and realist as a retail and brand development consultant.

A portrait of the Photoshop logo.

Adobe Photoshop

A special thanks to Adobe Photoshop, our wonderful partner without whom this conference would not be possible.

A portrait of the Jins logo.


Experience eyewear innovation at JINS with glasses made for you in 30 minutes by the Robot Kanna.

A portrait of the Slack logo.


A platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.

A portrait of the Dropbox logo.


Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share.

A portrait of the Pixate logo.


Change the way you design with the most powerful prototyping platform on the planet.

A portrait of the Sugarfina logo.


A luxury candy boutique

A portrait of the Searle logo.

Searle Video

Videos for awesome events